Ender is Cast!

Asa Butterfield is Cast as Ender!

It’s the news we’ve all be been waiting for! According to Deadline, 14-year-old Asa Butterfield has been offered the role of Ender Wiggin. You may recognize this rising actor from the upcoming movie, Hugo. (I wonder how many Ender’s Game fans will go see it just to check on his acting skills, neh?) Or his younger work on The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Exciting news, but do you think he’ll fit the role of Ender well? Will they dye his hair? Remember in this version of the film Ender is set to be 10-years-old. Leave your thoughts below!

Update: You can follow Asa Butterfield on Twitter! His account is @assabfb! (We also swapped in a better picture.)