Ender’s Game Movie Costume Fitting

The Technology Behind Flash Suits

Dink actor, Khylin Rhambo posted a picture via Facebook of a costume fitting (tip: click to make it bigger). While he doesn’t specify that this costume fitting was for the Ender’s Game movie, his IMDb filmography does not indicate that he is working on any projects concurrently and with filming beginning in roughly a month we reckon that it’s about time for costume fittings. Khylin writes that the technology in the picture was used to scan his face, take costume measurements, “and other stuff.”

We don’t know many other details, but we imagine the costume in question was for the battle school’s flash suits. All we can really say is that if the technology for fitting the costumes if this cool, there’s no telling how amazing the technology in the movie is going to be! Who else wants a costume?