Two Characters Dropped from Ender’s Game Movie

OSC Confirms for Fans Via Facebook

Many Ender’s Game fans have been wondering why actors for Mick and Rose the Nose have not been announced yet. One curious fan took it upon himself to ask Orson Scott Card through his Facebook page (Yes, that really is Orson Scott Card’s Facebook). Card responded, “Some characters have been cut from the screenplay – movies are much shorter than novels, and you can’t include everybody.” That’s a very polite way of saying that Mick and Rose the Nose have been cut from an earlier version of the script. Looks like our Ender’s Game movie cast is complete just in time for filming. For those of you that need “evidence” here’s a screenshot:

Thanks Jona for the tip! Will you miss these characters, or are you glad that there is now more time for other “stuff” in the Ender’s Game movie?