Call for Questions for Ender authors Aaron Johnston and Jake Black

Would you like to contribute to our interviews with Ender authors? 

Ender’s Ansible and are preparing a series of interviews with individuals of interest to Ender fans. [see our first interview with Ender’s Shadow comic artist Sebastián Fiumara . Another interview with Ender’s Game Tech/Battle School Design Consultant, and Authorized Ender Companion contributor (“The Technology of Ender’s Game”) Steve Sywak is forthcoming]

For our next set of interviews, we are planning to have conversations with Aaron Johnston and Jake Black.

Aaron.Johnston.smaller-200x300Aaron Johnston is the coauthor of the novel Invasive Procedures and the forthcoming Formic Wars novels, (beginning with Earth Unaware: The First Formic War), all with New York Times bestselling author Orson Scott Card. Aaron’s comic credits include Ender in Exile, Speaker for the Dead, Formic Wars, League War, and Mazer in Prison, all for Marvel. His screenplay adaptations include Alvin Maker, Sarah: Woman of Genesis, The Multiple Man, Feed the Baby of Love, and others. His play Lifeloop, an adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s short story, was featured at Western Illinois University. A longtime stage improviser, Aaron is a former member of LA’s Improv Factory, Santa Clarita Improv, and the Garrens Comedy Troupe. He and his wife are the parents of four children. He also wrote the fascinating essay “Getting Ender Right: A Look at the Ender’s Game Screenplay Development” for the Authorized Ender Companion.

jakeblackJake Black is the author of more than a dozen books including 2009’s “Authorized Ender Companion” published by Tor. He has written comic books for DC Comics, Marvel, and Mirage (the publishers of the popular “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comics), and several other independent companies. He has written for popular characters and franchises including Superman, Batman, Hannah Montana, Twilight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smallville, WWE, Star Trek, and more. On screen, he has written episodes of “Ben 10: Alien Force” (Cartoon Network), “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” (Cartoon Network), and “Chaotic” (CW Network/Cartoon Network). He is also the writer and chief researcher for several “Smallville” DVD documentaries. Throughout 2008-2009, Jake battled cancer. In December 2009, he was declared cancer-free. He continues to write TV, comics, books, and magazines. His Ender Comic titles include Ender’s Game: A War of Gifts, and Recruiting Valentine. He also collaborated on other OSC-related comic titles such as Wyrms.

We would like to ask you, Ender Fan Community, to submit some questions that you would like to hear these fellow Ender-fans respond to.

In the comments below, tell us:

1) Who the question is directed towards:  AJ (Aaron Johnston) or JB (Jake Black).

2) Your Question

3) What name you would like us to credit the question with if we choose to use it in the interview.

Example Submission: AJ: “Where did you get that great shirt?”, Name: Taalcon

We would like to have all questions submitted by February 29th at the latest so we can prepare and submit questions for review by the interviewees. Thanks very much for your participation! We’ll keep you updated with further information as it becomes available.