Official Ender’s Game Movie Behind the Scenes Blog

Launches Very Soon: This Tuesday

Ender’s Game Producer, Robert Orci, just tweeted that a new blog for the Ender’s Game Movie will drop this Tuesday!  Check out his tweet below:

@boborci: Starting an #EndersGame behind the scenes production blog through tumblr this week. Drops on Tuesday, so check it out!

Now, remember that the Ender’s Game production company, Summit Entertainment, was recently bought by Lionsgate. If this Tumblr is anything like the Tumblr they’ve used to promote The Hunger Games movie (see it here), we think that Ender’s Game fans are in for a real treat! What type of behind the scenes content do you want to see on the Ender’s Game Tumblr?

Edit: Could this be the not-so-finished Tumblr they’ll use to promote the movie?

Edit (again): Looks like this behind the scenes blog is behind schedule. We’ll bring it to you as soon as it’s posted, until then Ender’s Game producer, Mandy Safavi, says “Thanks for your patience guys. We are working on it. Hang tight …!” via her Twitter.