CLOSED: Interested in Joining the Ender’s Ansible Staff?

There’s been a lot of changes around here lately! First of all, welcome LilBee and Kelly to the Ender’s Ansible staff!

The whole team has been working on new pages:
New: The Staff Page
New: Culture References to Ender’s Game Page
New: Ender’s Game Meme Page
New: The Lucky Dragon Program assembled by Thomas Dickerson

The Fan Art Gallery got a makeover (I’m finally happy with it)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page was updated
Contact Us Page was also updated
New: Chris made the sweet Ender’s Game Quote Generator you see on the sidebar!

Please feel free to submit news tips, editorials, fan art, or memes to the site. We love posting it for you guys. You can also send us any questions, comments of suggestions for the site by email, our Facebook Fan Page (like us!), or Twitter. We have a lot of new things planned, so keep visiting!

Finally: We’re looking for some responsible people to hunt down and write news stories for the site.

Simply send an email to webmaster[dot]endersansible[at]gmail[dot]com before Wednesday, April 4th. We can only accept a limited number of people onto the staff at this time, but try to write as detailed application as possible because there may be a different role suitable for you on the site.

For the application, please include:
1) Your name
2) Why you have time to hunt for news and post at least twice a day
3) Describe your English skills, feel free to link to anything you’re proud of
4) Anything else you think we should know about you