Rumor: Ender’s Game at Comic-Con 2013

Publicity Mirrors Hunger Games

Recall that the Ender’s Game Movie release date was moved to November 1, 2013. With this piece of news Variety reports that Ender’s Game may be making an appearance at next year’s Comic-Con in 2013.

“An informed source indicated that the November date may have greater potential for the start of a potential franchise film and will allow Summit to take advantage of promo opportunities at next year’s Comic-Con in July.”

Comic-Con is a four-day event held in San Diego each July and draws over 100,000 attendees. If this rumor is true, this publicity would be similar to the strategy Lionsgate used to promote The Hunger Games at Comic-Con 2011, where they passed out posters and medallions to waiting fans. The Ender’s Game movie is scheduled to be wrap filming the first week of June, so theoretically the cast would be able to make an appearance at the event.

Would you make a trip out to San Diego for Ender’s Game?