Ender’s Game Concept Art? And exciting things to come… [ UPDATED ]

UPDATE: From Summit PR, regarding the below post:

These are NOT from the film. The Ben Proctor image was a personal sketch that was done years ago, before he was ever affiliated with the ENDER’S GAME production. It was his own fan art and not something that is or ever was a piece of concept art for the film. You’ll note that Ben is taking this down from his personal site, but it’s only to ward off further confusion. The David Levy image is also not a piece of concept art from the film. This is actually from a video game project he worked on years ago.

So while great examples of the high quality talent working on the film, they are not, repeat NOT official production art from the film.


Over at his fantastic  Art of Darian blog, Darian Robbins has presented artwork he has found that may have a visual relationship to what we see in the Ender’s Game film. The first piece comes from one of the Ender’s Game Production designers, and is specifically listed as ‘Sketch of a scene from the classic scifi novel ‘Ender’s Game’, and looks to be the Command School simulator. [Created as Fan Art by Ben Proctor, before he was affiliated with the Ender’s Game film.]


The other is a corridor scene from the senior concept artist from the movie [As per the update, this was from a design for a Video Game. Not Ender’s Game].  Darian takes that shot, and compares it with one of the Ender Production Blog shots, for some interesting results!

See the other image and all of the rest of the information over at Darian’s blog. What do you think of the style?

P.S. – In other news, observers of Twitter may have noticed that Our Dear Webmaster was on the Ender’s Game movie set today with other Ender fansite webmasters (such as from EnderWiggin.net and EnderNews.com) for a slick press conference. Her lips are currently sealed with details as per an agreement with Summit Entertainment. But be sure that as soon as she is legally allowed, there’ll be some fun stuff coming up. Keep watching!