Nonso Anozie Talks Ender’s Game Movie

London Comic-Con 2012

RedCarpetNewsTV caught up with Sergeant Dap actor, Nonso Anozie, at London’s Comic-Con yesterday where he spoke about the Ender’s Game movie. He describes his character as “A real hard-ass at first to Ender, a really bad guy. But at the end you really start to see there’s a reason why he’s been so hard on him.” He also mentions that he really enjoyed working with the younger cast, saying “I had a really great time working with him [Asa Butterfield].”

Anozie also says that he’s really enjoyed working on the film and that he’s not quite finished yet. He plans to meet up with the rest of the cast in the United States to finish up some final things. He teases, “It’s going to have a lot of things that no one’s seen before- a lot of computer graphics, a lot of visual effects. Kind of cutting edge. Stuff that nobody’s seen before.”

Watch the full interview below!