‘Ender’s Game’ Trailer Shown at CinemaCon

Note: Many are tweeting that the ‘Ender’s Game’ trailer will premiere with “Star Trek into Darkness’ on May 17, 2013; this is not officially confirmed. Collider is also reporting that the trailer could be online as soon as next week; this is also not confirmed. We’ve confirmed that the ‘Ender’s Game’ trailer will NOT debut online next week.

Slash Films confirms that ‘Ender’s Game’ trailer was shown at CinemaCon at Las Vegas:


One person tweets that Ben Kingsley’s Mazer Rackham makeup looks awesome:


Lots of battle room scenes:

battletweetHarrison Ford has a flat voice:

flatvoiceVery Star Was Reminiscent:



Someone says Mazer Rackham’s face has Maori face tattoos:


Here’s a photo for reference:

maori_tribal_warrior_tattoos_8Harrison Ford calls ‘Ender’s Game’ the “great human story”:


The trail is going to blow our minds:


The Hollywood Reporter quotes Ford saying,

“I was attracted to it not just for the scale of it and the power of it visually, but there’s a great human story here.”

IGN reports that the trailer was narrated by Colonel Graff:

“Ford’s character narrated the trailer, which was heavy on spectacle and mood and featured Ben Kingsley with his face covered in a tribal tattoo.”

i09 gives a perfectly detailed description of the trailer!

“The trailer’s opening shot takes place in a purpled-sky filled with Bugger ships. The swarms of alien ships move like a hive against a smaller group of human jets. Explosions and alien weaponry crash in the atmosphere. We can only assume that this is one of Mazer Rackham’s infamous battles, which is later used as big-time propaganda against the war with the Formics (an insect like alien race).

Over the war-porn booms the voice of Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford), ‘They know our strategies, they know our weaknesses, and they nearly destroyed us…. We need a new weapon.'”

Cinema Blend also gives a very clear description of the ‘Ender’s Game’ trailer!

“The reel begins with an epic battle in the clouds between jet fighters and alien spacecraft. Harrison Ford’s Colonel Hyrum Graff speaks in a voice-over, ‘They know our strategies, they’ve learned our weaknesses.’ Suddenly the tide of the battle seems to start to turn and it looks as though the humans are being beaten. -The alien attack nearly destroyed us. That must never be allowed to happen again.’ We then see Graff standing in a window looking concerned.

A montage of shots introduce the battle school in space, as well as Viola Davis as Major Gwen Anderson, and the Zero-G arena is shown. Graff’s narration continues as though he is pitching a new strategy, saying that they need to find a new kind of soldier who “doesn’t think like we think and doesn’t fear what we fear.” We then see our first shot of Asa Butterfield as the film’s central protagonist and titular character, Ender Wiggin.

Speaking directly to Ender, Graff says that he will be the greatest commander they’ve ever trained, to which Ender questions, ‘I’m not the first?’ Kingsley as Mazer Rackham is then revealed, sporting a tattoo all over his face, saying, ‘But you will be the last.’

The montage-style shots continue, showing space battles as well as the other students of the battle school, and we hear Anderson question Graff, saying ‘You really don’t seem them as children, do you?’ The final shot sequence of the trailer has Ender in command screaming, ‘Now!’ as a twin-barreled laser gun is fired into the distance and we see a huge explosion.”

The trailer was about 3 minutes long:





Collider reports that the trailer could be online as soon as next week! We’ve confirmed that this is NOT true.

BuzzFeed reports that the trailer didn’t hold back:

“Forget Katniss and Bella. The newest darling at Lionsgate is Ender Wiggin. [..] Unlike other major franchise launches, the trailer did not hold back on giving fans a great deal of what they want to see”

Variety quotes Ford sayings that ‘Ender’s Game’ would touch people’s hearts:

“Ford cracked up the audience by announcing, ‘Hello my old friends.’ He then promised that the movie will touch moviegoer’s hearts.”

First Showing says we’re going to see Petra!

“They spared nothing, and went all out with this first trailer, showing a LOT of footage, including battle scenes (from history and present) as well as the Zero G battle room and, potentially, his cockpit on the Command School later on […] It also has a number of cool shots of Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham with Maori tribal tattoos all over his face, making him look like a total badass. We also get a few quick glimpses at Hailee Steinfeld as Petra and plenty more of the kids in Battle School, but it’s all about Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin and he seems perfect.”

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The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters November 1, 2013.