The Planet Thieves – Dan Krokos, The EnderSpeaker Review


The Planet Thieves – Dan Krokos

May 21st 2013

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Who ever said that children make the best warriors especially when faced with an alien threat? Well Orson Scott Card did with the Sci-Fi classic Ender’s Game.  In The Planet Thieves Dan Krokos follows this same school of thought, based around the actions of a few Earth Space Command (ESC) cadets.  After the ship the cadets are logging their space hours on is captured by a hostile alien race known as the  Tremists, the cadets become humanity’s last best and only hope of surviving the next Tremist attack.
The Planet Thieves is an exciting page turner with plenty of surprises and twists that will appeal to lovers of Sci-Fi, regardless of age, transcending the perceived YA barrier.

With well conceived characters and technology and combined with quality writing, this is one adventure you won’t want to miss. I must admit a wee smile crossed my face as one of the antagonists, Merrin uttered the immortal Sci-Fi words “I have a bad feeling about this” By paying homage to other iconic and successful science fiction works Dan Krokos shows that his desire to reside among these greats.
I look forward to continuing the journey I’ve started in The Planet Thieves and can’t wait for Dan to write the next book in the series.

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