CLOSED 2 Year Giveaway: Trivia Contest

It’s June, and we at Ender’s Ansible are gearing up to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the site on June 30th! To celebrate, we will be giving away prizes for the entire month of June.

Week 1: Trivia Contest (3 Winners)
Week 2: Fan Art Contest (5 Winners)
Week 3 and 4: Photo Contest (3 Winners)

Prizes will vary from ‘Ender’s Game’ t-shirts to movie posters and buttons.

The rules for this week’s trivia contest are simple:

1. The giveway is open to everyone anywhere. Minors, please ask your parents for permission prior to entering the contest.

2. There is only one trivia question and you only have one chance to answer correctly before Sunday June 9, 2013 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

3. Email your name and answer to submissions[dot]endersansible[at]gmail[dot]com.

4. Readers who submit a correct answer will be entered into a drawing and a random number generator will select 3 winners. The first winner will win an ‘Ender’s Game’ T-shirt from Lionsgate and a collection of 3 buttons (‘Ender’s Game’ film button from SDCC 2012, IF logo button, and Peter Wiggin for Hegemon button). The second and third winners will both win a set of the 3 buttons.


Trivia Question: What nickname does Ender give Mazer Rackham when Mazer keeps Ender under lock and key?