Aaron Johnston Talks Co-Authoring with Orson Scott Card

AaronJohnstonPic.jpg“We fans can be picky”

Aaron W. Johnston has a new essay for Orbit Books detailing his experience co-authoring with the First Formic War Trilogy with Orson Scott Card. He talks a little bit about his personal relationship with Card and how he’s a huge ‘Ender’s Game’ fan.

Johnston says, “We fans can be a prickly lot.” He adds that he wanted the First Formic War Trilogy to feel like an Orson Scott Card novel and describes his method for echoing Card’s voice. “Only OSC can write like OSC, after all. But I felt as if we owed it to fans to provide a new and exciting adventure story that also felt like a member of the Ender universe”

Read Johnston’s full essay here. ‘Earth Afire’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston hits shelves today; read about it here.