Live Blogging the ‘Ender’s Game’ Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

ComicCon4:15 PT Starting very soon after the ‘Divergent’ cast and crew wraps! About 20-30 minutes!

4:20 PT Just FYI, the moderator for our panel is Chris Hardwick, a co-founder of Nerdist.

4:22 PT A poor kid just tried to ask an ‘Ender’s Game’ question at the ‘Divergent’ panel. Wrong movie! Everyone laughed. Eek!

4:44 PT We just saw some exclusive never-before-seen footage from the ‘Ender’s Game’ film. We saw some close up images of the Hive Queen’s ships, Ender and Valentine at the lake, and Ender walking on Eros. The main dialogue was between Graff, Anderson, and Mazer Rackham. They were debating the ethics of lying to Ender.

4:54 PT The kid who messed up earlier is asking his question finally, the crowd is excited!

4:55 PT Gavin Hood says that if he had one goal with this film it’s to be true to the story of Ender Wiggin.

5:04 PT To close the panel we re-watched the ‘Ender’s Game’ footage. Forgot to mention that we saw Ender at his command post where he was instructing individual soldiers in the final battle scene. Audio and pictures to be posted later!