UPDATED: Orson Scott Card Announces New ‘Ender’s Game’ Sequel

orsonscottcard‘Fleet School’ Release Date TBA

In a recent interview with Listener, ‘Ender’s Game’ author Orson Scott Card revealed that he’s writing a brand new ‘Ender’s Game’ sequel, titled ‘Fleet School’. According to Card, ‘Fleet School’ will be “the direct kids-in-space YA sequel to ‘Ender’s Game’.” This means that ‘Fleet School’ will fall after ‘Ender’s Game’ and before ‘Ender in Exile’ within the context of the Enderverse. [Edit: Many fans are speculating that ‘Fleet School’ may be the sequel Summit/Lionsgate plans to make if the first film does well.] ‘Fleet School’ (the novel) does not yet have a release date.

Card also reconfirms that he’s writing ‘Shadows Alive‘, which is the long-anticipated novel which will tie-in the Speaker series and Shadow series. Read more about Card’s upcoming books, his views on the movie, and more here.

Edit: Aaron Johnston shares that he has not been asked to co-author a book titled ‘Fleet School’. Maybe the title of this book has changed. Maybe he has been asked to co-author a different book.

Update: OSC announces that ‘Fleet School’ is a series of ‘Ender’s Game’ sequels. Click here for more details.