Lionsgate releases Ender’s Game timeline infographic, announces “3D-print your own Ender’s Game models”

EG infographic

A timeline of the Enderverse

First, the timeline: We notice that though movie-branded, and sent out by Lionsgate, this seems to use the book as the primary source of information. Eros is still listed as an asteroid, and Ender’s age can be calculated to match the narrative of the novel at various points on the timeline. Either way, it’s a great primer for those unfamiliar with the story who are headed to the movies this weekend (or as a refresher, for those of us who are)! Be sure to share with your uninitiated friends.

Second, the 3d printing: In addition to this timeline, we also received word that Lionsgate is partnering with Sandboxr, a company who specializes in easy-to-use customizable 3D printing on high-end 3D printers, to provide an outlet for you to design, and have printed, custom models based on the film. The interface is through a website running Unity Web Plugin (a freely downloadable cross-platform game engine that runs in your browser). Base models available include an alien mothership, an IF shuttle, and an IF drone. It appears that in this instance the options for customization appear fairly limited, but you can select the base that your model will be mounted on, as well as certain thematic elements.

The build quality appears high, and we’re curious to hear how they turn out! If you end up ordering one, be sure to tell us about it. Several promotional shots of the finished product are below.

Formic Mothership

3d-Printed Formic Mothership

IF Drone

3d-Printed IF Drone

Check it out for yourself at