OSC Announces ‘Fleet School’ is a Series of ‘Ender’s Game’ Sequels

orson-scott-card-tolkien-lecture-speaking-7Release Date TBA

In a video interview with Southern Virginia University, ‘Ender’s Game’ author, Orson Scott Card, revealed new details about a series of ‘Ender’s Game’ sequels he’s working on.

According to the interview, ‘Fleet School’ is “a new set of sequels to ‘Ender’s Game’. It’s for a YA audience. It’s what happens to Battle School after the International Fleet loses its purpose of war. It becomes what is called Fleet School, and it prepares kids to become commanders / explorers in the colonies that are going to be forming. We get to see that as the school administrators repurpose the school, the Battle Room is still there, but it’s a whole different kind of education.”

Card originally hinted about ‘Fleet School’ two weeks ago. It is still unknown how many novel will be included in this series. The title and release date are still to be announced.

Watch the video interview below.