MIT Recreates ‘Ender’s Game’ on Campus

Zero-G Battle in Lobby

To celebrate the release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film, students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have gone above and beyond in recreating ‘Ender’s Game’ on their campus!

Killian Court was decorated with banners from three armies: Griffin, Dragon, and Bobcat

In Lobby 7, students recreated an amazing zero gravity battle scene.

Student Rachel Davis writes,

As you can see, the area in Lobby 7 that was normally cut off due to the construction being done on the skylight of the Lobby 7 dome was cautioned off from the public due to a battle scene between the different armies, with soldiers all over Lobby 7.  They were hung from the ceiling, suspended over the construction zone and spread out over the floor and on the pedestals.


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Story and photos from MIT admission. If you haven’t seen the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie yet, read our spoiler-free movie review hereBuy Ender’s Game tickets now!

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film was released in U.S, theaters on November 1, 2013.