‘Ender’s Game’ Trading Cards Now on Sale

DA-01Today Cryptozoic Entertainment released their ‘Ender’s Game’ trading cards.

Fans can purchase the cards via their online store or likely comic shops which sell DC Comics. They cost about $3.50 per pack with 5 cards per pack.

There are a total of 129 trading cards for fans to collect, which includes 69 base cards and many chase and insert cards which feature cast autographs and costume swatches. Not all of the cards can be collected via the card packs; some of the cards are exclusive via other offers.

We have compiled a list and pictures of all 129 trading cards. The list is a work in progress. It’s currently missing pictures of the base set and two dual wardrobe cards. The pictures of the base set are expected to be added to the list in about two weeks, but if any readers have pictures of cards #DM03 and #DM05 please send them to us!

EDIT: Scans of #DM03 and #DM05 have been added to the list. Thanks!

Click the jump for some extra pictures!

M13 SB-03 A01 A07 M07 DM2