Review: Centipede Press ‘Ender’s Game’ Edition

DSC00212Review by Chris W


When the details for Centipede Press’s version of ‘Ender’s Game’ began to emerge, I knew the final product would be special. The artwork looked stunning, and Card’s original manuscript for the short story promised to be a cool relic. While I didn’t own a Centipede Press book, I knew the company had a great reputation for high quality and exceptional finish.


The only issue? The price. Even for passionate book collectors, $295 is expensive.  Collectible books generally aren’t read. Instead, they sit on the shelf, occasionally invoking a quiet smile from their owner.  Paying $295 for that can be challenging, especially for the budget conscious.  But for collectors – or even for big fans of a particular novel – $295 isn’t out of the question if the edition hits all of the right notes.


Centipede Press’s final product does hit all of the right notes. With this edition, Centipede Press has under-promised and over-delivered. Every detail, from the cover to the feel of the paper, is stunning. The artwork helps bring the story to life. The book is signed and unexpectedly numbered.




To me the best feature is Card’s original manuscript for the ‘Ender’s Game’ novella. The manuscript itself is fascinating, showing Card’s original edits on a version typed by his mother. My favorite part, however, is his cover letter to Analog (which shows Card’s sassy side) and his extremely-touching dedication to his mother.


I’ve collected Card’s work for a long time. Centipede Press’s version of ‘Ender’s Game’ is the best version of the novel to date.  (Take that, Easton Press!)  But more notably, it is the best version of any of Card’s works to date.  We can only hope for a limited edition of ‘Speaker for the Dead’!


According to Centipede Press, there are about 15 copies of this edition still available for purchase.
For $295 the set includes two volumes. The first volume contains a forward by Brandon Mull, an introduction by Card, Card’s original forward, the definitive version of ‘Ender’s Game’, an afterward featuring ‘Making Ender Smart’ by Card and select transcripts from ‘Ender’s Game Alive’. The second volume contains a letter to Analog from Card and Card’s original manuscript of his 1977 ‘Ender’s Game’ novella.


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