Lionsgate releases Ender’s Game timeline infographic, announces “3D-print your own Ender’s Game models”

First, the timeline: We notice that though movie-branded, and sent out by Lionsgate, this seems to use the book as the primary source of information. Eros is still listed as an asteroid, and Ender’s age can be calculated to match … Continue reading

Lovely Concept Art from Movie Fone

Movie Fone has posted some really lovely concept art from the Ender’s Game production process. We’ve embedded a couple here, but follow the link to see the whole gallery. … Continue reading

IGN shares 5 mini-scenes with previously unseen footage.

We’ve seen bits and pieces of some of these scenes before, and some are entirely new. Either way, it’s great to a get a better feel for the movie. Courtesy of IGN. … Continue reading

Full Footage of “Beyond the Trailer” Interviews and Press-Conference at Comic-Con

¬†For your enjoyment, here are Gavin Hood, Bob Orci, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, and Harrison Ford, responding to press questions concerning the Ender’s Game movie. We hope to update this post later on with a transcript of the interview, so … Continue reading

Gavin Hood and Asa Butterfield speak out on gay marriage, Dustin Lance Black on the boycott

As part of the continuing discussion of Orson Scott Card’s controversial statements on gay marriage, and amid threats of a boycott from Geeks OUT, Gavin Hood (the Ender’s Game director) and Asa Butterfield (Mr. Wiggin himself) have weighed in with … Continue reading

Brand New Clip: Colonel Graff Welcomes Launchies to Battle School

Yahoo! Movies has posted exclusive footage as part of the Comic-Con promotional run for Ender’s Game. In it, we see Colonel Hyrum Graff challenging the Battle School’s new recruits to be inspired by the memory of Mazer Rackham’s legendary victory … Continue reading

I.F. Sentinel Website Updates

The previously reported I.F. Sentinel website has been updated with a number of I.F.-themed propaganda posters. Check it out for yourself to see them all, or see the first of them right here! … Continue reading