‘Ender’s Way’ Now on Sale, ‘Speaker’ Illustrated Postponed

The highly-anticipated illustrated anthology of Enderverse short stories, titled ‘Ender’s Way’, is finally available for purchase from Centipede Press. ‘Ender’s Way’ includes 13 short stories: The Polish Boy, Teacher’s Pest, Mazer in Prison, Cheater, Pretty Boy, Ender’s Stocking, Ender’s Homecoming, … Continue reading

‘The Last Shadow’ to be published in October 2021, pre-order available

Formerly titled ‘Shadows Alive’, the decades-long wait for the final Enderverse tie-in novel will be published in October 2021. ‘The Last Shadow’ by Orson Scott Card will tie together the original Ender quartet and with the Shadow series. In chronological … Continue reading

Centipede Press Editions Coming Soon

On Sunday, Centipede Press gave a long awaited update on their Enderverse projects. In a July newsletter, Centipede Press shared that ‘Speaker for the Dead’ and ‘Ender’s Way’ are both headed to the printers soon. The two volumes will be … Continue reading

‘The Hive’ Review

By Cassandra ‘The Hive’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston is the second novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy, a prequel series to ‘Ender’s Game’. Following the hard-fought first invasion, the nations of Earth struggle to regroup and … Continue reading

Rare ‘Ender’s Game’ manuscript up for auction

A rare 1985 ‘Ender’s Game’ manuscript will be put up for auction later this week on June 6 by Waverly Rare Books, a division of Quinn’s Auction Gallery in Falls Church, Virginia. The listing includes a photocopy of the final … Continue reading

‘The Hive’ cover art reveal

Check out the newly unveiled cover art for ‘The Hive’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston. ‘The Hive’ will be the second novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy, which is also a prequel to the original ‘Ender’s Game’ … Continue reading

OSC previews first chapters of ‘Shadows Alive’

On Monday, ‘Ender’s Game’ author Orson Scott Card published the first draft of a new Enderverse short story called, The Messenger on his subscription email service, Uncle Orson on the Fly. He writes that this short story may serve as … Continue reading

‘The Hive’ to be published in June, pre-order available

An updated Amazon listing reveals that ‘The Hive’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston will be published on June 11, 2019. ‘The Hive’ will be the second novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy, which is also a prequel … Continue reading

Why ‘Stranger Things’ Needs an ‘Ender’s Game’ Reference in Season 3

If you’re one of the last people on the planet who hasn’t seen Netflix’s original science fiction- horror series, ‘Stranger Things’, let me fill you in. Set in the 1980s, the story follows a group of nerdy boys in Hawkins, … Continue reading

‘Children of the Fleet’ Review

By Cassandra ‘Children of the Fleet’ by Orson Scott Card begins approximately eight years after the Battle School is retrofitted into a school for potential explorers and colonizers. The novel centers on Dabeet Ochoa, a shrewd and socially inept 11-year-old … Continue reading