Amazon Adds Sandboxr, ‘Ender’s Game’ 3D Prints

In January, Amazon partnered with Sandboxr, an online platform for 3D printing. Since the release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film, Sandboxr has offered a unique experience for ‘Ender’s Game’ fans. With the Unity Web Plugin, fans are able to customize … Continue reading

New ‘Ender’s Game’ Text-Filled Poster Available

A new ‘Ender’s Game’ poster is available via Postertext for $29.95. The ‘Ender’s Game’ poster is one of the company’s first contemporary releases. The print features Ender commanding his final battle simulation. Shown here in the throws in his final simulation, … Continue reading

Preview ‘Ender’s Game’ Prop Auction

‘Ender’s Game’ props, including costumes worn by Harrison Ford, may soon be available for auction. In August, Prop Store announced that they would auction ‘Ender’s Game’ props on their website in partnership with Odd Lot Entertainment. . Although no date … Continue reading

Centipede Press Wants Fan Input on Next Enderverse Edition

With the success of the illustrated edition of ‘Ender’s Game’ in October, Centipede Press is considering publishing another Enderverse novel or collection. In a newsletter Sunday morning, the publisher asked fans which Enderverse novel to publish next. According to the … Continue reading

Revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition postponed

The long-awaited revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition has been postponed. At the end of July, Orson Scott Card’s wife requested help from fans to reconcile correct contradictions between ‘Ender’s Game’ and other novels in the series. She wrote, “It would be … Continue reading

Card offers signed ‘Ender’s Game’ novels for the holidays

In tradition with recent years, ‘Ender’s Game’ author Orson Scott Card is offering signed, personalized copies of ‘Ender’s Game’ for sale via a Greensboro Barnes & Nobles location. In addtion to ‘Ender’s Game’, this year ‘Earth Awakens’, ‘Ender’s Game’ and … Continue reading

Review: Centipede Press ‘Ender’s Game’ Edition

Review by Chris W   When the details for Centipede Press’s version of ‘Ender’s Game’ began to emerge, I knew the final product would be special. The artwork looked stunning, and Card’s original manuscript for the short story promised to … Continue reading

Butterfield Honored at Savannah Film Festival, Talks ‘Ender’s Game’

Asa Butterfield, age 17, was honored at the Savannah Film Festival in Georgia on Saturday with the “Rising Star Award.” In an interview Morning Star News, Butterfield admitted that ‘Ender’s Game’ is his favorite film he’s worked on. He goes … Continue reading

‘Ender’s Game’ Fan Explains How He Broke into the Film’s Production

Ash Throp, a self-described “big fan” of ‘Ender’s Game’, worked on the ‘Ender’s Game’ as a freelance motion graphics designer. In an interview, Throp talks about how he worked his way onto the film and his role in bringing the … Continue reading

‘Ender’s Game’ Theatrical Production Produced in Finland

A theater company in Finland has produced a a play based on ‘Ender’s Game’. The play premiered on September 27 and runs through December 20. It runs for 3 hours and 15 minutes, including two intermissions. For tickets and showtime … Continue reading