Giveaway: ‘Ender’s Game’ Props

In anticipation of their auction, Prop Store decided to giveaway a small batch of ‘Ender’s Game’ film props via

The items include a Dragon Army patch set, a ground school beret, and tags for producer Lynn Hendee and extra Larry Kramer.



To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post before March 20. Good luck!

OSC and Aaron Johnston Complete ‘The Swarm’

AaronJohnstonPic_thumb.jpgAaron Johnston has announced via Twitter that he and Orson Scott Card have finished co-writing ‘The Swarm’.

On March 3, Johnston states that he turned in the manuscript to Tor Books.

“Turned in the manuscript for THE SWARM, book 1 of The Second Formic War.#EndersGame #FormicWars @orsonscottcard”

— Aaron Johnston (@AaronWJohnston)

‘The Swarm’ will be the first book in the Second Formic War, a prequel trilogy to ‘Ender’s Game’. No release date has been announced, but Johnston speculates on Twitter that this novel may be published at the end of 2015 or the start of 2016.

‘Ender’s Game’ Prop Auction Begins Today

The ‘Ender’s Game’ prop auction begins today at 9 a.m. PDT.

Prop Store will auction official ‘Ender’s Game’ film production costumes and props.

The auction will be held exclusively online and will run for two weeks, ending on March 27. Each day, 40 news lots will be posted with each lost lasting for only 7 days. There are no reserves on any items.Click here to register,

Below is a preview of several items up for auction.

Below: Ender Wiggin’s (Asa Butterfield) Command Console


Below: Ender Wiggin’s (Asa Butterfield) Launchie Flash Suit


Below: Subcommand Control Station


Below: Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis) Dress Uniform


Below: Deskpad and Bag Set


 Below: Valentine Wiggin’s (Abigail Breslin) Costume


Below: Dragon Army Flash Suit Helmet


Below: Colonel Graff’s (Harrison Ford) BDU Costume


Below: Petra Arkanian’s (Hailee Steinfeld) Salamander Flash Suit


Below: Light Up Flash Gun and Charger


‘Ender’s Game’ Auction to Debut March 9

Beginning on March 9, Prop Store will auction official ‘Ender’s Game’ film production costumes and props.

The auction will be held exclusively online and will run for two weeks, ending on March 27. Each day, 40 news lots will be posted with each lost lasting for only 7 days. There are no reserves on any items.

Most of the lots include original costumes, props, and key set dressing pieces. The site currently features medical ID bands, a flash gun, and the formic mask Ender forces Peter to wear.


Click here to register and stay tuned for more ‘Ender’s Game auction news.


Amazon Adds Sandboxr, ‘Ender’s Game’ 3D Prints

customizeIn January, Amazon partnered with Sandboxr, an online platform for 3D printing.

Since the release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film, Sandboxr has offered a unique experience for ‘Ender’s Game’ fans. With the Unity Web Plugin, fans are able to customize and print their own movie props, including an formic mothership, an IF shuttle and an IF drone,

Sandboxr’s partnership with Amazon means that fans can more readily purchase these ‘Ender’s Game’ film memorabilia. Check it out!

New ‘Ender’s Game’ Text-Filled Poster Available

A new ‘Ender’s Game’ poster is available via Postertext for $29.95.

The ‘Ender’s Game’ poster is one of the company’s first contemporary releases. The print features Ender commanding his final battle simulation.


Shown here in the throws in his final simulation, Ender is depicted as a calm and confident commander, fully entrenched and invested in the battle at hand.

The 24×36 inch poster features text from the first 13 chapters.

Preview ‘Ender’s Game’ Prop Auction

img1_3‘Ender’s Game’ props, including costumes worn by Harrison Ford, may soon be available for auction.

In August, Prop Store announced that they would auction ‘Ender’s Game’ props on their website in partnership with Odd Lot Entertainment. .

Although no date or other information for the auction has been publicly announced, Prop Store recently added thousands of photos of ‘Ender’s Game’ props to their servers. In total there are 420 lots listed on Prop Store’s servers. The majority of listings are costumes: either flash suits or blue International Fleet jumpsuits. There are also desks/tablets, flash guns, battle school army patches, army logo signs, formic educational material, and much more.

Some of these costumes include specific characters like Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford), and Valentine Wiggin (Abigail Breslin).

Check out the photos below. More to be added soon.

[Photos removed at the request of Prop Store and Lionsgate]

Thanks, Ryan for the tip!

Centipede Press Wants Fan Input on Next Enderverse Edition

Shadows in Flight cover artWith the success of the illustrated edition of ‘Ender’s Game’ in October, Centipede Press is considering publishing another Enderverse novel or collection.

In a newsletter Sunday morning, the publisher asked fans which Enderverse novel to publish next. According to the newsletter, ‘Ender’s Game’ author, Orson Scott Card, has suggested picking a novel from either the Shadow series or First Formic War series. Card also suggested publishing a complete collection of Ender short stories.

“Mr Card also suggested a collection of ALL the Ender universe short fiction,” reads the Centipede Press newsletter. “Something that has never been done, an ‘Anthology of all the Ender-related short fiction, including the ones in First Meetings and all the rest which have never before collected in one book.'”

What Enderverse material would you like to see published by Centipede Press? Leave a comment below!

Please send your suggestions to

Revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition postponed

book coverThe long-awaited revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition has been postponed.

At the end of July, Orson Scott Card’s wife requested help from fans to reconcile correct contradictions between ‘Ender’s Game’ and other novels in the series. She wrote, “It would be most helpful to have all of these posted by 15 August 2014, so I have time to do the rewrites and edits before the due date.

Fans have anticipated this revised editions for years. When Card’s wife solicited help on Hatrack, it seemed as though the book would be published soon. However, months have passed with no release date.

We emailed Tor regarding this ‘Ender’s Game’ edition, and the email response we received from Tor in-part says, “The anniversary edition of ‘Ender’s Game’ has been pulled from the season and we currently don’t have a tentative date as to when we’ll be publishing it.”

Therefore, the revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition was originally planned to be published this season, but has been pulled for unknown reasons. Of course this could be held as good news. Now Card has more time to collect corrections. If you wish to submit a correction, click here.

Card offers signed ‘Ender’s Game’ novels for the holidays

43167In tradition with recent years, ‘Ender’s Game’ author Orson Scott Card is offering signed, personalized copies of ‘Ender’s Game’ for sale via a Greensboro Barnes & Nobles location.

In addtion to ‘Ender’s Game’, this year ‘Earth Awakens’, ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Speaker for the Dead’ will also be offered for sale.

Local residents can stop by the bookstore at Friendly Center. These orders will be taken through Dec. 22.

Store location:
3102 Northline Ave,
Greensboro, NC 27408

Those gift givers who do not live close enough to Greensboro should email the store. According to Card, “Let them know the titles you want, the names you want them signed for, and the address to which the books should be shipped after signing. Include your phone number, too, because a store employee will call you to get credit card information (we don’t want you including credit card info in emails!).” Remote orders will be accepted through Dec. 15.

Store email:

The full list of novels for sale is listed below.

Boxed sets of all three hardcovers of ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Ruins’, and ‘Visitors’ (Note: Shrink-wrap so all three volumes can be signed)
Hardcovers: ‘Ender’s Game’, ‘Earth Awakens’ (First Formic War #3), ‘Visitors’ (Pathfinder #3), ‘The Gate Thief’ (Mithermages #2)
Trade paperbacks: ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Ruins’ (Pathfinder #2), ‘Enchantment’, ‘Magic Street’
Small format paperbacks: ‘Ender’s Shadow’, ‘Speaker for the Dead’