‘Ender’s Game’ battle room recreated in Halo 5

Check it out! A Reddit user, /u/Aurelien-131, has recreated an ‘Ender’s Game’ battle scene in Halo 5. For more information about how he created this masterpiece, including a map variant and accompanying game type, click here.

‘The Swarm’ is now available for pre-order

49304In a flood of news for ‘The Swarm’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, the novel’s cover image, description, page length and release date have been revealed.

‘The Swarm’ will be the first novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy, which is also a prequel trilogy to the original ‘Ender’s Game’ novel. The novel will be available for purchase in bookstores on August 2, 2016, but it is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

The description reads:

The first invasion of Earth was beaten back by a coalition of corporate and international military forces. China has been devastated by the Formic’s efforts to eradicate Earth’s life forms and prepare the ground for their own settlement. The Scouring of China struck fear into the other nations of the planet; that fear blossomed into drastic action when scientists determined that the single ship that wreaked such damage was merely a scout ship.

There is a mothership out beyond the Solar System’s Kuiper Belt, and it’s heading into the system, unstoppable by any weapons that Earth can muster.

Card’s Ender’s Game is one of the bestselling and most beloved science fiction novels of all time. It is set on an Earth where society and governments have been radically altered in the face of alien invasion. Readers will discover the past of Ender’s world, feel the desperation of Earth that drove humans to make the changes they did, and meet the heroes who fought off the tide of invasion until Ender could decisively end the wars.

According to Amazon, ‘The Swarm’ is 464 pages. For reference, this is the same length as ‘Earth Unaware’, which is the first novel in the First Formic War Trilogy.

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Centipede Press confirms new Ender novella (UPDATED)

endersgamespread1Centipede Press will publish a new Enderverse novella written by Orson Scott Card in conjunction with the publication of an Enderverse short story anthology.

In October, the company published an illustrated edition of ‘Ender’s Game’. Fan enthusiasm for the publication inspired new Ender projects, but developments have been quiet since December.

In a newsletter sent on Sunday, Centipede Press wrote that they acquired the rights to ‘Speaker for the Dead’ and a “massive collection” of short stories including a new novella. No details were given about this novella or where it would fall on the complicated Enderverse timeline.

“This is still a ways off from being done, but we wanted to pass on the good news,” the newsletter states.

There is no release date for either publication, but until then Centipede Press would like fans’ help. They would like to hire a illustrator for the projects and they are open to fans’ suggestions.

Please send your suggestions to jerad@centipedepress.com.

Update: We have confirmed with Centipede Press that ‘Speaker for the Dead’ and the short story collection will be two separate volumes to be published at roughly the same time. The yet untitled short story collection will include all the short stories and novellas to date and one new novella, which is also still untitled.

Giveaway: ‘Ender’s Game’ Props

In anticipation of their auction, Prop Store decided to giveaway a small batch of ‘Ender’s Game’ film props via tested.com.

The items include a Dragon Army patch set, a ground school beret, and tags for producer Lynn Hendee and extra Larry Kramer.



To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post before March 20. Good luck!

OSC and Aaron Johnston Complete ‘The Swarm’

AaronJohnstonPic_thumb.jpgAaron Johnston has announced via Twitter that he and Orson Scott Card have finished co-writing ‘The Swarm’.

On March 3, Johnston states that he turned in the manuscript to Tor Books.

“Turned in the manuscript for THE SWARM, book 1 of The Second Formic War.#EndersGame #FormicWars @orsonscottcard”

— Aaron Johnston (@AaronWJohnston)

‘The Swarm’ will be the first book in the Second Formic War, a prequel trilogy to ‘Ender’s Game’. No release date has been announced, but Johnston speculates on Twitter that this novel may be published at the end of 2015 or the start of 2016.

‘Ender’s Game’ Prop Auction Begins Today

The ‘Ender’s Game’ prop auction begins today at 9 a.m. PDT.

Prop Store will auction official ‘Ender’s Game’ film production costumes and props.

The auction will be held exclusively online and will run for two weeks, ending on March 27. Each day, 40 news lots will be posted with each lost lasting for only 7 days. There are no reserves on any items.Click here to register,

Below is a preview of several items up for auction.

Below: Ender Wiggin’s (Asa Butterfield) Command Console


Below: Ender Wiggin’s (Asa Butterfield) Launchie Flash Suit


Below: Subcommand Control Station


Below: Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis) Dress Uniform


Below: Deskpad and Bag Set


 Below: Valentine Wiggin’s (Abigail Breslin) Costume


Below: Dragon Army Flash Suit Helmet


Below: Colonel Graff’s (Harrison Ford) BDU Costume


Below: Petra Arkanian’s (Hailee Steinfeld) Salamander Flash Suit


Below: Light Up Flash Gun and Charger


‘Ender’s Game’ Auction to Debut March 9

Beginning on March 9, Prop Store will auction official ‘Ender’s Game’ film production costumes and props.

The auction will be held exclusively online and will run for two weeks, ending on March 27. Each day, 40 news lots will be posted with each lost lasting for only 7 days. There are no reserves on any items.

Most of the lots include original costumes, props, and key set dressing pieces. The site currently features medical ID bands, a flash gun, and the formic mask Ender forces Peter to wear.


Click here to register and stay tuned for more ‘Ender’s Game auction news.


Amazon Adds Sandboxr, ‘Ender’s Game’ 3D Prints

customizeIn January, Amazon partnered with Sandboxr, an online platform for 3D printing.

Since the release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film, Sandboxr has offered a unique experience for ‘Ender’s Game’ fans. With the Unity Web Plugin, fans are able to customize and print their own movie props, including an formic mothership, an IF shuttle and an IF drone,

Sandboxr’s partnership with Amazon means that fans can more readily purchase these ‘Ender’s Game’ film memorabilia. Check it out!

New ‘Ender’s Game’ Text-Filled Poster Available

A new ‘Ender’s Game’ poster is available via Postertext for $29.95.

The ‘Ender’s Game’ poster is one of the company’s first contemporary releases. The print features Ender commanding his final battle simulation.


Shown here in the throws in his final simulation, Ender is depicted as a calm and confident commander, fully entrenched and invested in the battle at hand.

The 24×36 inch poster features text from the first 13 chapters.

Preview ‘Ender’s Game’ Prop Auction

img1_3‘Ender’s Game’ props, including costumes worn by Harrison Ford, may soon be available for auction.

In August, Prop Store announced that they would auction ‘Ender’s Game’ props on their website in partnership with Odd Lot Entertainment. .

Although no date or other information for the auction has been publicly announced, Prop Store recently added thousands of photos of ‘Ender’s Game’ props to their servers. In total there are 420 lots listed on Prop Store’s servers. The majority of listings are costumes: either flash suits or blue International Fleet jumpsuits. There are also desks/tablets, flash guns, battle school army patches, army logo signs, formic educational material, and much more.

Some of these costumes include specific characters like Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford), and Valentine Wiggin (Abigail Breslin).

Check out the photos below. More to be added soon.

[Photos removed at the request of Prop Store and Lionsgate]

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