Casting Rumor For “Mick”

Our friends at Ender News were tipped by a reliable source that Jacob Leinbach has been cast for the role of “Mick”, the boy who approaches Ender when he first enters the mess hall and offers the advice to “kiss butt” if … Continue reading

Rumor: Crazy Tom Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

Set Insider Reports One set insider reports that crew members on the set of Ender’s Game have referenced a particular young man in connection with the role of “Crazy Tom” repeatedly. Up until now, there has been no mention that … Continue reading

Rumor: Pol Slattery Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

Meet the Commander of Leopard Army reports that an anonymous tip has informed them that 17-year-old Cameron Gaskins has been cast as Pol Slattery. Gaskins has only one acting credit to his name, The Greening of Whitney Brown. The tip suggests … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Movie Sequels… Possibly

Actor’s Father Hints at Sequels Reportedly, the father of Suraj Pathasarathy (the actor who will play Alai) recently let it slip on‘s live CES (Consumer Electronics Show) coverage that filmmakers are already planning to make the Ender’s Game movie … Continue reading