Culture References to Ender’s Game

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Television References to ‘Ender’s Game’

‘Ender’s Game’ has been referenced twice on the trivia show, Jeopardy. In episode #6562 (aired: March 12, 2013) the answer was “Orson Scott Card titled novels this character’s “Game” & his “Shadow”” for $1600 in the Double Jeopardy! Round. In episode #7269 (aired: March 31, 2016) the answer was “This author won twice in a row in the 1980s, for “Speaker for the Dead” & “Ender’s Game”” for $1600 in the Double Jeopardy! Round.


Music References to ‘Ender’s Game’

There is a band called Ender’s Game
“Ender” by Ash Can Painters
“Ender Will Save Us All” by Dashboard Confessionals
“Ender” by Noah Silver
“Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me” by No Use for a Name
“Ender’s Game” by Phantom Stranger
“Chemical Fires” by Tides of Man
“Create” by Tides of Man
“Home” by Tides of Man
“Not My Love” by Tides of Man
“Not My Love 2” by Tides of Man
“Only Human” by Tides of Man


Literature References to ‘Ender’s Game’

Ender’s Game’ was on the U.S. Marine Corps. Reading List

‘A Million Suns’ by Beth Revis, page 38

Million Suns
‘Dream Dark: A Beautiful Creatures Story’ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, chapter 9.7

‘Nobody’ by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, page 6



Comic & Video Game References to ‘Ender’s Game’

The “Rachni” from the popular video game Mass Effect may have been inspired by the formics in ‘Ender’s Game’.

Ameria Rules! referenced ‘Ender’s Game’ in Volume 2: What Makes You Happy

Penny Arcade referenced ‘Ender’s Game’ on 2/18/2004

Real Life Comics referenced ‘Ender’s Game’ on 2/17/2000

XKCD webcomic has referenced ‘Ender’s Game’ three times: comic #241comic #304, and comic #605.





Internet References to ‘Ender’s Game’

Popular crude internet comedian “Nostalgic Chick” made a controversial video referencing ‘Ender’s Game’ on July 29, 2012 (not for children): Click here.

Popular YouTube channel “Beyond the Trailer” made a video featuring ‘Ender’s Game’:

C.E. Bell wrote a comparison article about Ender Wiggin and Northwestern University football on Off Tackle Empire

On March 25, 2013 following the release of the first ‘Ender’s Game’ film teaser poster ‘Ender’s Game’ began trending worldwide on Twitter and Google+.


On April 18, 2013 The ‘Ender’s Game’ teaser trailer was shown at Cinema Con 2013 and ‘Ender’s Game’ started trending worldwide on Twitter for the second time.



Notable Fans of ‘Ender’s Game’

Moises Arias, actor
Abigail Breslin, actress
Asa Butterfield, actor
Aramis Knight, actor
Stephanie Meyer
, ‘Twilight’ author
Heidi Montag, reality TV star
Marisol Nichols, actress
Katharyn Nicolle, Miss New Jersey 2011 said ‘Ender’s Game’ is her favorite book source
Mark Oldershaw, Canadian Bronze-Medal Olympian 2012 in men’s canoe single 1,000 metres
Haley Joel Osment, actor
Mitt Romney, Republican nominee for the U.S. 2012 Presidential election
Brandon Soo Hoo, actor
Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook founder and CEO lists ‘Ender’s Game’ on his Facebook page as books he “likes”