Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Are there going to be sequels to the Ender’s Game movie?
A: Lionsgate owns the rights to 12 novels/stories in the Enderverse. One week after the US release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate CEO, said the company would wait an additional week or two to announce whether any sequels or spin-offs would be made. No announcement by Lionsgate has ever been made, which make any film sequels or spin-offs unlikely.

Q: What order should I read the series?
A: The Enderverse is complicated. Many of the novels overlap and contradict each other, which makes deciding a reading order difficult. According to Card, it does not matter what order the books are read except that Xenocide should be read just before Children of the Mind.

Most fans prefer to read the novels in either publication or chronological order. We at Ender’s Ansible recommend reading reading the novels in publication order in order to avoid spoiling many of the novels.

For younger readers who enjoyed the action and surprise elements of ‘Ender’s Game’, we suggest following the original novel with Bean’s story followed by ‘Ender’s in Exile’. Ender in Exile takes place before Speaker for the Dead, but trust me, just read it after Children of the Mind.

Note that the Shadow Series is generally an “easier read” than the Speaker Series. Good luck!

Q: Can I submit news to the website?
A: Yes! We need everyone’s help to get the news out as fast as it’s happening. You can e-mail us at webmaster[dot]endersansible[at]gmail[dot]com, tweet us or use the contact form.

Q: If I submit a tip anonymously?
A: Yes! We absolutely respect anonymity and will not post your name with a tip, especially regarding sensitive information.

Q: Why is your site called Ender’s Ansible?
A: In the book, Ender defeats the buggers by unknowingly commanding soldiers and ships many light-years away. The device he uses to communicate with them is called an ansible. The ansible, which exists only in science fiction, allows users to communicate instantaneously over vast distances. Instantaneously means faster than the speed of light, which is of course not possible. Thus, Ender’s ansible is a very important part of ‘Ender’s Game’ — so we named our site after it.

Q: Why didn’t you respond to my you didn’t respond to my email/ Twitter mention/ Facebook comment?
A: Due to the sheer volume of ‘Ender’s Game’ news around the time of the film, I used to be unable to respond to every email, Twitter mention, and Facebook comment. I now try to respond to everyone in a timely manner. .

Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
A: The webmaster of this website is female, @CassandraLOrtiz. Check out the Staff Page for everyone’s information.