Ender’s Game Inspired Songs

These are songs inspired by Ender’s Game. Some are fan-made and some are professionally released. [There are a few more songs listed here that don’t appear on this page.] If you’d like your song to appear on this page, or you know of a song you think belongs on this page please contact us.

Ashcan Painters- “Ender’s Game”

Noah Silver- “Ender’s Game” Click here for lyrics

Maurice Jones- “Dear Valentine” Click here for lyrics

Wemaysing- “Valentine’s Song” Click here for lyrics and chords

No Use for a Name- “Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me?”

CancerKillingGemini- “Theme for Ender’s Game”

Tides of Man- “Chemical Fire”

Tides of Man- “Home”

Tides of Man- “Not My Love”

Tides of Man- “Not My Love 2”

Tides of Man-“Only Human”

Professor Shyguy- “Ender’s Song”

The Ansible by Sovarozüm