Kuso Ender’s Game Fans Say

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I’d rather go to battle school than Hogwarts. -Submitted by Alea
Have you read Shadows in Flight yet? -Submitted by Cassandra
Neh. -Submitted by Cassandra
You’re gonna get iced -Submitted by Cassandra
“Ho, _______” -Submitted by Taalcon
The only teacher is the enemy. -Submitted by Taalcon
The Ender’s Game movie is NEVER going to happen. -Submitted by Taalcon
Did you hear Jake Loyd is playing Ender?  -Submitted by Taalcon
Did you hear that Sixth Sense kid is playing Ender?  -Submitted by Taalcon
I hope the Ender’s Game movie doesn’t suck.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I’m hanging with my jeesh tonight.  -Submitted by Taalcon
Be the shoe.  -Submitted by Taalcon
What? No, I was just subvocalizing.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I wish I had a Jane.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I’m going to go trace some woodgrains.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I think we have a close Philotic connection.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I want to go Outside.  -Submitted by Taalcon
Lazer Tag totally ripped off the Battle Room.  -Submitted by Taalcon
The internet totally ripped off Locke and Demosthenes.  -Submitted by Taalcon
My brother’s such a Peter.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I should run for Hegemon.  -Submitted by Taalcon
That’s what Demosthenes would say?  -Submitted by Taalcon
That’s what Locke would say?  -Submitted by Taalcon
It’s Mee-lag-ray. Mee-la-gray.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I should learn Portuguese.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I HATE Novinha.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I’d turn Anton’s Key.  -Submitted by Taalcon
Can I Speak for you when you die?  -Submitted by Taalcon
Will you Speak for me when I die?  -Submitted by Taalcon
See you in 3000 years.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I wish I could stasis through the rest of the school year.  -Submitted by Taalcon
Dude, I hope that’s not the Descolada.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I’m gonna go consult the Father trees.  -Submitted by Taalcon
My head hurts so bad. Got any capim?  -Submitted by Taalcon
It’s A-sheel. A-SHEEL.  -Submitted by Taalcon
He’s gonna ice out.  -Submitted by Taalcon
I hope I don’t ice out.  -Submitted by Taalcon
Did you see this big Formic hill out here?  -Submitted by Taalcon
Look at all these Formics!  -Submitted by Taalcon
Wanna get married and then never have sex?  -Submitted by Taalcon
My ass is dragon. -Submitted by Jinxletandcake
The enemy’s gate is down. -Submitted by Cassandra
Third! -Submitted by Cassandra
Bugger lover! -Submitted by Cassandra
Cover your butt Bernard is watching. -Submitted by Cassandra
I didn’t know he was signed on the system. -Submitted by Cassandra
*talking to a computer* Hi Jane! -Submitted by Cassandra
Ender is my best friend! No really, Ender is my BEST FRIEND! -Submitted by Cassandra
I love Ender! -Submitted by Cassandra
I totally want to name my kid Ender! -Submitted by Cassandra
Let me pull that up on my desk. -Submitted by Cassandra
The movie NOT really being made, they’re been saying that for YEARS! -Submitted by Cassandra
I can’t believe the movie’s really happening! -Submitted by Cassandra
The movie is not happenings! -Submitted by Cassandra
I refuse to get my hopes up. -Submitted by Cassandra
All my love, turkey lips. -Submitted by Cassandra
Avatar? They totally ripped off Speaker for the Dead! -Submitted by Cassandra
The iPad totally ripped off the desks from Ender’s Game. 
-Submitted by Cassandra
Siri should be named Jane.
 -Submitted by Cassandra
*spraying an anthill* Meet Dr. Device. -Submitted by Taalcon
XKCD mentioned Ender’s Game again! -Submitted by Jayelle
That’s mint! -Submitted by Cassandra
I gave my teacher a valentine and addressed it To: The Enemy -Submitted by Cassandra