Shadows Alive

By Orson Scott Card

Release Date: TBA

Description: Originally titled Shadows in FlightShadows Alive is a planned novel that follows Children of the Mind and is a direct sequel to Shadow in Flight. The novel will bring the Speaker Series and Shadow Series back together and bring Bean’s children together with Peter and Valentine from Children of the Mind.

On writing Shadows in Flight and Shadows Alive, Orson Scott card says, “[A]s I started writing [Shadows in Flight], I realized: This story takes place entirely on spaceships. The title ‘Shadows in Flight’ fits it perfectly. While ‘Shadows Alive’ is a much better title for that final wrap-it-all-up book I’ve been planning for years.”

After Shadows Alive, “You’ll see what it means to say that Bean’s descendants will perhaps be the ones to deal with the Descoladores – whoever they turn out to be. (No, they are NOT Bean’s descendants themselves. They are definitely NOT human.)”