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1. In the original Ender’s Game short story Ender’s surname is “Wiggins” not “Wiggin.”

2. According to Teacher’s Pest, the Wiggin family changed their name from “Wieczorek” to “Wiggin” when they moved to America from Poland.

3.┬áNeo-Peter and Neo-Valentine/Jane are Ender’s “children of the mind” which is why they only stem directly from him.

4. In Speaker for the Dead, Valentine is said to have a son named “Ren” who would be the same age as Valentine’s daughter “Ro” who appears in Xenocide. According to The Authorized Ender Companion, Valentine only has 3 children: Styfe, Ro and Versam- with no mention of “Ren.” We could say that this is a small mistake, but Ren is a boy and Ro is a girl which complicates things. Jake Black has told us that “Ren” will be cut from future editions of Speaker for the Dead.

5. The yellow indicates an unknown gender.