Ender’s Room Reexamined

What’s in Ender’s room? (Again!)

The official Ender’s Game production blog released a picture of Ender’s bedroom last week. In case you missed it, we already took a look at 10 things inside Ender’s Room. Readers from all over sent in their suggestions of 10 more finds in Ender’s bedroom. So here we go.

11. Bugger Mask
How did we miss this mask the first time around? In the book, Peter and Ender play a game of buggers and astronauts. Even if it’s not a bugger mask, it’s still pretty neat.

12. The Thing 
A reader suggests this that this action figure on the top shelf might be The Thing from Marvel’s Fantastic Four.  Here’s one from Amazon for $22.

13. Gas Chamber
This seems like some kind of pressurized gas chamber. Someone has suggested that it may be for a bike, space suit, or just polluted air.

14. A Desk Lamp
It took about 2 months but one reader finally found it. Here’s a desk Lamp from Kundalini, price unknown.

15. Perry Rhodan Poster
This poster may be of Perry Rhodan, one of the best selling sci-fi figures in the world.

16. 3D Printer
Hats off to Travis in the comments who figured this one out! That’s a second 3D printer for Ender! It looks exactly like this one from Cubify for $1,300.

17. Spinosaurus Sticker
It looks like kids in the future still like dinosaurs. That’s this print from Etsy for $8.


18. Soldering Iron
That’s a soldering iron, used for assembling electronics, which may also explain all the tool compartments we pointed out in our previous post. Here’s one from Parts Express for $16.
19. Paint Jars
There are a few small bottles of colored paints on Ender’s desk. This suggests that Ender makes (with his 3D printer) his action figures and plane models and paints them himself. Here’s a pack of assorted colors from Amazon for $33.

20. The Room as a Whole
Everyone had a lot of comments around Ender’s Room. Here are a few of the most popular thoughts and observations people have commented, tweeted and emailed us about.

-Ender’s Room doesn’t look futuristic enough. Ender’s Game is supposed to take place in 2070, not 2020.

-Ender’s Room is too messy for someone analytical like Ender.

-Ender’s room seems to be divided in thirds in the order he most cares about different parts of his life. The top third contain his aspirations and inspirations, the middle third containing his hobbies, and the bottom third his school work.
That’s all everyone! Thanks again to everyone who sent in suggestions and finds for Ender’s room!