Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford and Hailee Steinfeld Press Conference at CinemaCon 2013

hailee-steinfeld-isla-fisher-cinemacon-cuties-35Ford Didn’t Read ‘Ender’s Game’

Two videos have surfaced online of Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford at a CinemaCon 2013 press conference last week, where the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie trailer was shown. Asa Butterfield calls ‘Ender’s Game’ “life-changing” and Ender Wiggin “a dream.” He also says that the story “stayed almost entirely truthful to the book” and that there was a lot of green screen on set, even though the details were flawless.

Asa describes how much he appreciates ‘Ender’s Game’ fans.

“The story for ‘Ender’s Game’s has so much of a following that it really meant a lot for me to be able to play that character who so many people love. It was so much fun filming it. There’s such an incredible cast and incredible crew as well. I had a great time.”

Asa also gushes Harrison Ford and and Ender’s Game director, Gavin Hood.

“Harrison’s amazing. When I just saw him I was like “Oh my God! It’s Han Solo!” […] Working with him is an honor. He’s an incredible actor, but he’s also an amazing person. He’s really kind and really generous with his knowledge. […]”

“Gavin’s so enthusiastic and gives so much motivation to the actors. There are loads of kids on the set, extras and the cast, and Gavin, partially because he wrote the screen play, he knew the characters back to front and he knew exactly what he wanted. When they needed some more umph to the scene he was there to come on stage. He gave it all. He gave more than the actors. […] It’s inspirational, it really is, not just to me but the other actors, the adult actors on set as well.”

Watch Asa below:
During Harrison Ford’s hilarious press conference he admitted that he hadn’t read the ‘Ender’s Game’ novel before he read the script. He also discusses working with a young cast and why he wanted the role of Colonel Graff.

“I just thought it was something we have not seen. I thought the story was prescient about things we’re seeing in our lives right now. […] I thought it had an interesting moral question behind it which is articulated in the film and I thought it would really be a good film or movie on top of that.”

Watch Harrison Ford below:

Edit: Here’s Hailee’s video where she says she would read the entire Enderverse if she had the time.

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.