Probable ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie Props

Doors and Exercise Cycle

Construct NOLA is a fabrication design company in New Orleans, the ‘Ender’s Game’ filming location. They report some picture of props that may be from the ‘Ender’s Game’ film. The prop below may be a battle school hallway door.




This doorway is very similar to an ‘Ender’s Game’ hallway door design by the film’s art director, Clint Wallace. The original image has been removed, but Darian has recreated the image below. Note the doorway in the background; the niches in the above images are probably meant to lock the door frame into place.


The above image shares similarities of this set photo from the Official Production Blog. It’s probably a wider angle of the set photo.


Also, a company called PiCycle claims their design will be used as a prop in the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie. What you see below is a smart motorcycle-bicycle hybrid. It’s possible that this will be used as a futuristic exercise cycle in the battle room’s weight/gravity room.

ender's game

Finally, here are some more image from Construct NOLA. While we cannot link them specifically to the ‘Ender’s Game’ film, their design is similar to some of the battle school designs we’ve seen so far. The first image is described as a door and the second image is described as a screen.

MDF-props-1024x682 Screens-1024x682

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.