Ender’s Game Movie – Peter the Psychopath

With film news, casting calls and information coming to us frequently about the upcoming Ender’s Game movie, I have, like many of you, been excitedly rereading all of my Enderverse books.

Something is troubling me.

According to io9‘s look at the casting calls for Ender’s Game
“Ender’s brother is fully a psychopath in this version of the screenplay”

I understand that in the Ender’s Game book Peter (Ender’s Brother) doesn’t come across well. He is a bully, too violent for battle school and also a master manipulator. Going from this to a psychopath for the movie is great, it will add drama and tension and show Ender’s altruistic side in sharp contrast to Peter.

But I feel the need to be loyal to the Peter Wiggin of Orson Scott Card’s mind and he is not a psychopath. My friend Peter Wiggin defeats the evil Achilles with the help of Bean and then he unites the world under a democratic alliance known as the Free People of Earth.
I want everyone to know this Peter, and as I can’t fault the filmmakers for creating a psychopathic brother for our hero, I come to the following conclusion – Everyone NEEDS to read the Shadow series. Peter Wiggin is a major player in this and as you read hopefully you can come to know Peter as well as I do.

Let me know if you agree, or am I the psychopath?
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