Does The Ender’s Game Movie Need A Star?

So do we need a Hollywood superstar as part of Ender’s Game?

As far as it goes for us fan boys and girls – No, we’ll all be first in line to see Ender’s Game when it hits big screens. But who else will be there? What draws people to see a movie, a good trailer, good marketing and YES a big name that we all know.

So recently we’ve heard a lot of talk about casting for the movie, and its all about the kids. From Orson Scott Card and casting director John Papsidera’s comments we should expect a big name there, and that’s a good plan don’t want some stuck up child actor playing Ender or Bean, think Macaulay Culkin, and you get the idea.

Back to finding a star for Ender’s Game, it has to be an adult and they have to feature a fair bit, so what characters can we look at? I have only two suggestions Colonel Graff and Mazer Rackham. So I was thinking who would I like to see and I had what can only be described as divine inspiration, Nathaniel Lees must play Mazer, he fits OSC’s description perfectly and he’s been in some awesome movies. But I bet you all had to Google him or hit that link to see who he is, so not the kind of star we need.

So its down to Colonel Graff then, and I can’t think of a single person, help me! Help Ender’s Game who should play Graff and be our Hollywood Superstar?