The ‘Golden Compass’ Problem

Does a big buget and big stars mean a good movie?

So recently I’ve been getting really excited about all the Ender’s Game movie news, especially the casting. I mean come on! Harrison Ford, THE Han Solo is going to be in it, and after looking at all the positive comments from the younger cast (click here) I was thinking this is going to be awesome.

Could things be too good to be true? Well I hope not, but… then I thought of recent Golden Compass movie and despair set in, just in case you missed it or the book it is based on let me set the scene.

*spoiler alert*

In 1995 Philip Pullman released the novel ‘Northern Lights’ to critical acclaim, winning various literary prizes. No need to go into much of the story but its about a young girl and her adventures in a parallel universe and is the 1st part in the ‘His Dark Materials’ series. Anyway in 2007 it was made into the feature film ‘The Golden Compass’ based on the American title for the book. If anyone else has seen it I’m sure they will agree, it is pretty poor and disappointing to fans of the books. It was made as a kiddies movie and therefore missed the darker elements completely out, and the biggest travesty – the end was changed. Well I guess not changed more like missed out! Why you ask – Basically because a child is killed. This scene, the last chapter to the book sets up the rest if the story and explains alot about what’s been going on. The producers, director or whoever wimped out big style. The result, despite a massive cast, lots of money and millions of fans of the book we get a rubbish film. Didn’t even get a sequel let alone a 3rd movie to finish the story.

Thinking about all this I cry aloud DON’T DO THIS TO ENDER’S GAME!!

There are too many similarities with the books, not the story so much but both about children but not children’s books, and both winning literary prizes and critical acclaim. Now with Ender’s Game getting the big cast and coming ever closer someone please reassure me, please.

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