Movie Sequel Debate – Ender or Bean

Speaker for the Dead Vs. Shadow of the Hegemon

Well filming on Ender’s Game is underway, we have an all-star cast and even a release date. If some recent rumors are to be believed a sequel is already planned and possibly even included in the current actors’ contracts. And to be honest with Harry Potter just finishing and Twilight about to end, cinema needs its next big series. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the two “games” movies as the ones. If this is the case, and let’s hope it is, what would you like to see? Orson Scott Card has certainly written plenty of source material to choose from, and its mainly down to Ender’s story or Bean’s story.

Obviously I’m an Ender fan and love the story of his life and the general good he does and the personal tragedy he faces as a result. But I just can’t see it happening, the problem is the cast and the continuity. I don’t think any of the current cast would feature in a Speaker for the Dead movie. Ender and Valentine are just too much older, and the rest of the main players have been left behind as Ender and Val have skimmed time on their travels. As far as continuity goes same problem, it happens too much later and is too disconnected from the events of Ender’s Game.

Now Shadow of the Hegemon is a different story (pun intended), it starts as Ender’s Game ends (ignoring the Speaker epilogue part). The vast majority of the cast would be in it – sorry Asa and Abigail. Also it’s set on earth, easy to film, and starts a nice little series of its own to continue. Making this in my humble opinion the only sequel movie option, and don’t worry about the Achilles stuff missing from Ender’s Shadow I’ve got it covered. The movie can start with a news report of his incarceration and history – I expect a writing credit for that!

Anyway what do you think? Is young Aramis Knight going to be the real star of the series? If so follow him @AramisKnight88. Am I wrong to completely disregard Ender in Exile as an option? Didn’t think so… Anyway any comments and suggestions for future editorials are always welcomed Tweet me or comment below.