My Visit to the Ender’s Game Movie Set

Did you know they eat alligator in Louisiana? 

My visit to the Ender’s Game movie set on Tuesday May 22 was a mind-blowing all-day experience. It was great meeting everyone on set and from the press- especially Kelly from Ender News, Crystal from EnderWiggin.Net, Erin from Ender’s Game Fansite, and Katie from J14 Magazine. I love you girls. A special shout out to the people on set who said that they read our articles everyday, hi and thank you!

I still can’t believe I was encouraged to see, touch and ask everything and anything. If I didn’t have my press badge I’d think it was a crazy dream. The missed work, delayed flights, sore feet, and jet lag was worth it. Sincerely, thank you everyone who made this set visit possible (especially Ryan)!

I have roughly 5 hours of audio and 50 pages of handwritten notes that need to be converted into something readable. When I finish and I’m allowed to tell my readers wonderful things I promise you guys the longest post ever. Until then I agree with Kelly; I already spent time in their time-out-room and I don’t want to go back (haha).

I will say this: In my personal opinion, nothing I learned from my visit to the Ender’s Game set is going to ruin this movie. Quit worrying about Gavin Hood (you guys should be cheering the fact that we have such an amazing director), or who was cast to play certain roles, or if this is going to be an accurate portrayal of the book. The Ender’s Game movie is going to be successful in the hearts of fans, and timeless.

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