Young Mazer Cast in Ender’s Game Movie


You may have heard rumors about an actor cast as a young Mazer Rackham in the Ender’s Game movie, but we finally have an answer. We’ve confirmed with the Ender’s Game PR that a young man has been cast in this role. Meet Kyle Clements. He’s a Louisiana actor who’s been in a number of TV movies like Searching for David’s Heart, Queen Sized and Quantum Apocalypse. You can read more of his credits here.

The addition of a young Mazer means that we’ll get a glimpse of the Second Invasion and maybe even an inside look to what was going on in Mazer’s head during the attacks.

He tweeted this comment earlier:




You can follow him on Twitter @kyle_clements.

The older Mazer Rackham is being played by Sir Ben Kingsley. Do you think he looks like a young Sir Ben? Tell us in the comments! Thanks Darian for the tip! P.S. Have you guys liked us on Facebook yet?