Site News and Updates, Analog Scans

AUG_1977_ASFSite news and updates happen everyday, but here are a few highlights from the last couple months:

  • The ‘Culture References to Ender’s Game‘ page has been updated with your many emailed tips.
  • We’ve added a variant hardcover to ‘Formic Wars: Burning Earth‘.
  • There are now full scans of the original ‘Ender’s Game’ short story, you can find a link here.
  • The website, and staff members Ender Speaker and Liz Spencer, were mentioned in the back of ‘Ender’s World.’ (Amazing!)
  • We want to give a warm welcome to Thomas from our sister site, Thomas is the new co-host of the Philotic Ansible Podcast.
  • A special thanks to everyone who met us in Los Angeles at Jimmy Pinchak’s book signing at Molly Malones last month!
  • If anyone is planning on attending the Los Angeles Festival of Books, we will be at conversation #1063 with Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston next weekend.
  • Finally, we have a buyer for ‘Ender’s Shadow: Battle School’ Issue #1c Incentive Variant (symbol cover). If anyone is interested in selling, contact us.