San Diego Comic-Con Day 1

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IMG_0211Pictures Galore!

Hey, Ansible Readers! We’re down in San Diego for Comic-Con 2013. If you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry we have more than enough pictures to make up for what you missed. If you do have a Comic-Con Badge, don’t miss our Complete ‘Ender’s Game’ Guide to SDCC 2013.

A few notes:
1. The ‘Ender’s Game’ Fan experience opens at 11 AM each day.
2. You can get a really neat ID badge with you picture on it from the Fan Experience.
3. Like last year, the Summit Entertainment booth is printing T-shirts. If you want one, you need to get a voucher from upstairs just outside of Room 20d.
4. If the ‘Ender’s Game’ bags and pins are currently sold out, don’t worry. Try again at another time, because they’re giving them out at random times throughout the weekend.
5.Abigail Breslin will not attend tomorrow’s panel as planned. She says via her Twitter, “Was so excited to meet everyone at Comic Con but I’m struggling with a stomach bug 🙁 Valentine will be there in spirit!”

Below we have pictures from the ‘Ender’s Game’ Fan Experience, the Tor Books booth, the Smart Pop Books booth, and the Summit Entertainment Booth. Some of my favorite pictures include ‘Ender’s Game’ writer/director, Gavin Hood, and producer, Bob Orci. These two goofballs took some silly “bromance” pictures at the ‘Ender’s Game’ fan experience. Check them out after the jump!

Edit: We added a few more pictures from the Fan Experience featuring Asa Butterfield and Hailee Stienfeld. Thanks, Michael! Source.

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The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.