Preliminary Photos from ‘Ender’s Game’ LA Premiere

We attended the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Ender’s Game’ at TCL Chinese Theater last night. Despite a few drizzles early in the evening, by the time the event started, it was all dry.

Here are some photos from the event! Hopefully interviews and video will be ready soon.


caltech 009 caltech 011 caltech 018 caltech 021 caltech 027 caltech 031 caltech 035 caltech 036 caltech 037 caltech 041 caltech 043 caltech 044 caltech 045 caltech 048 caltech 053 caltech 059 caltech 063 caltech 064The red carpet getting set up before the event! It was very exciting to see Ender’s Game posters and logos everywhere.





The middle area is where the photographers and the TV reporters stood. Fansites were around the corner.






There we are in between EnderWiggin.Net and The






The view from our area of the red carpet.






Cassandra’s premiere tickets!





TheFandom.Net, Ender’s Ansible, EnderWiggin, and Ender News!

Caleb Thaggard(who plays Stilson) really loved The Battle Room scenes(the cast watched the movie together the night before)


Jimmy Pinchak(Peter) on his greatest challenge: “First you’re joking around during a coffee break talking about what you saw on television, the next minute you’re like, smashing his face into a chair and it’s going through your head thinking…this is ridiculous”

We got to interview Steve Jablonsky, the creator of the score. Although he didn’t read the book, he said he drew a lot of inspiration from watching the performances and feeling a lot of responsibility to do them justice with the score.


Andrea Powell(Theresa Wiggin) joked that her favorite kid on set was Abigail Breslin!



The Battle School Brats. Brandon Soo Hoo(Fly Molo) said that his favorite Battle School slang word was “neh” followed closely by “Launchie.”



















The fansites interviewed Sir Ben Kingsley(Mazer Rackham) together. He said that he never thought about hisperformance, but rather the theme of the film about growing up and the transition from childhood to adulthood.


Moises Arias(Bonzo Madrid) was undecided when i asked him what his favorite scene in the movie was, but said that his greatest challenge was “making a 5″1 guy intimidating to a 5″8 guy”



Harrison Ford(Graff) was the last person we talked to before they whisked everybody inside the theater. Asa barely got to say hi, and we only caught glimpses of Hailee and Abigail.






Audi had a miniature fleet shuttle on display!


Stay tuned for some interviews and Cassandra’s movie review!