Two New Enderverse Short Stories to be Published

51WIDaMxQBLOrson Scott Card has written two new Enderverse short stories called Renegat and Governor Wiggin.

Both short stories were first previewed in Uncle Orson on the Fly, an online subscription service of Card’s writings. Renegat appeared in February 2017 and Governor Wiggin appeared in June 2017. Currently, the only way to read these short stories is to purchase a $24 yearly subscription to Uncle Orson on the Fly.

However, Renegat will be published later this month in a space opera anthology by David Weber, called ‘Infinite Stars’. ‘Infinite Stars’ will be published on October 17; pre-order it here.

Renegat is a novella-length short story following the events of Card’s upcoming novel, ‘Children of the Fleet’. ‘Children of the Fleet’ will be published on October 10.

At approximately 9,000 words, Governor Wiggin is a short story following the later years of Ender’s term as governor of Shakespeare colony. This short story is set during the events of ‘Ender in Exile’. It is unconfirmed if or when Governor Wiggin will be published outside of Uncle Orson.

Thank you so much to my readers who helped me research these short stories, especially reader ibid11962. I updated this information on the new and improved Enderverse page, but beware that many of the individual pages still need updating.