Rare ‘Ender’s Game’ manuscript up for auction

A rare 1985 ‘Ender’s Game’ manuscript will be put up for auction later this week on June 6 by Waverly Rare Books, a division of Quinn’s Auction Gallery in Falls Church, Virginia.

The listing includes a photocopy of the final draft printed as a review copy by the publishers with the first page signed by author Orson Scott Card. It also includes a letter from Tor Books to science fiction author Tom Disch requesting a review and a color printout of the dusk jacket art for the first edition of ‘Speaker for the Dead’. The listing mistakenly implies that this is the art for the first edition of ‘Ender’s Game’.

The condition of this collection is listed as near fine. It is estimated to sell for $1,500 to $2,000. Interested collectors should visit Quinn’s for auction details.

Also up for auction include a listing for first editions of ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Speaker for the Dead’, both include dusk jackets and are signed by Card. There is also a listing for an Easton Press edition of ‘Ender’s Game’, again signed by Card.