‘Ender’s Way’ Now on Sale, ‘Speaker’ Illustrated Postponed

The highly-anticipated illustrated anthology of Enderverse short stories, titled ‘Ender’s Way’, is finally available for purchase from Centipede Press.

‘Ender’s Way’ includes 13 short stories: The Polish Boy, Teacher’s Pest, Mazer in Prison, Cheater, Pretty Boy, Ender’s Stocking, Ender’s Homecoming, A Young Man with Prospects, Ender in Flight, The Gold Bug, Governor Wiggin, Investment Counselor, and Gloriously Bright.

Governor Wiggin was written by Orson Scott Card especially for Centipede Press, although some subscribers to Uncle Orson on the Fly may have previewed an early draft.

The 416 page collection was illustrated by Cristina Bencina, with the frontpiece and duskjacket by Rob Rey. ‘Ender’s Way’ is a limited print of 300 copies signed by Card, Cencina and Rey for $250. Unsigned copies are $225.

In an email this morning, Centipede Press shared that the illustrated edition of ‘Speaker for the Dead’ has been delayed a few weeks longer.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jerad at Centipede Press for listening to Enderverse fans who practically begged him to make this collection 5 years ago. We can’t wait to receive our copies!