‘Children of the Fleet’ Review

By Cassandra ‘Children of the Fleet’ by Orson Scott Card begins approximately eight years after the Battle School is retrofitted into a school for potential explorers and colonizers. The novel centers on Dabeet Ochoa, a shrewd and socially inept 11-year-old … Continue reading

Two New Enderverse Short Stories to be Published

Orson Scott Card has written two new Enderverse short stories called Renegat and Governor Wiggin. Both short stories were first previewed in Uncle Orson on the Fly, an online subscription service of Card’s writings. Renegat appeared in February 2017 and … Continue reading

Special Offer: Free Fleet School Patch with Pre-Order (Updated)

Tor Books is offering fans who pre-order ‘Children of the Fleet’ by Orson Scott Card a chance to receive a limited edition Fleet School patch. Fans who submit their pre-order receipt for a print or digital copy of ‘Children of the … Continue reading

Read a Preview of ‘Children of the Fleet’

Today Tor Books published the first chapter of the ‘Children of the Fleet’ by Orson Scott Card on their blog. ‘Children of the Fleet’ is the first novel in a new ‘Ender’s Game’ spin-off series featuring Colonel Graff and a … Continue reading

‘Children of the Fleet’ is available for pre-order

‘Children of the Fleet’ by Orson Scott Card will be published later this year on October 10, 2017. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. ‘Children of the Fleet’ is expected to be the first novel in a new Enderverse … Continue reading

‘The Swarm’ Review

By Cassandra ‘The Swarm’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston is the first novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy and a sequel to the First Formic War Trilogy (‘Earth Unaware’; ‘Earth Afire’; ‘Earth Awakens’). Following the First Formic … Continue reading

‘Ender’s Game’ battle room recreated in Halo 5

Check it out! A Reddit user, /u/Aurelien-131, has recreated an ‘Ender’s Game’ battle scene in Halo 5. For more information about how he created this masterpiece, including a map variant and accompanying game type, click here. … Continue reading

‘The Swarm’ is now available for pre-order

In a flood of news for ‘The Swarm’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, the novel’s cover image, description, page length and release date have been revealed. ‘The Swarm’ will be the first novel in the Second Formic War … Continue reading

Centipede Press confirms new Ender novella (UPDATED)

Centipede Press will publish a new Enderverse novella written by Orson Scott Card in conjunction with the publication of an Enderverse short story anthology. In October, the company published an illustrated edition of ‘Ender’s Game’. Fan enthusiasm for the publication … Continue reading

Giveaway: ‘Ender’s Game’ Props

In anticipation of their auction, Prop Store decided to giveaway a small batch of ‘Ender’s Game’ film props via tested.com. The items include a Dragon Army patch set, a ground school beret, and tags for producer Lynn Hendee and extra … Continue reading