Beautiful Limited Edition Copies of ‘Ender’s Game’ to be Released

Centipede Press will publish a signed, special limited edition version of ‘Ender’s Game’ in October. According to Centipede’s website, this edition will include two color-illustrated books. The first book will be the 1990s revised version of ‘Ender’s Game’. The second … Continue reading

Editiorial: Collectible Versions of Enderverse Novels and Short Stories

A Collector’s Guide to the Enderverse by Chris W. I first read ‘Ender’s Game’ in 1998 at the age of 14.  I was hooked and Orson Scott Card quickly became my favorite author.  I’m also a lifelong book collector, but … Continue reading

‘Ender’s Game’ Film Grosses $10.3 Million Over the Weekend

Film Ranks #5 in its Second Weekend According to Box Office Mojo, the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie grossed $10.3 million in the United States over its second weekend. The movie was shown on 3,407 screens, pulling in about $3,011 per screen. ‘Ender’s Game’ … Continue reading