Bobby Cohen Talks Ender’s Game Movie

Fluxed as we are about the film, MTV News knows what’s gravitating in the world of Ender’s Game. Recently, on the set of “Now You See Me” they caught up with Bobby Cohen. Alike Alex Kurtzman in a recent interview, who expressed his galactic excitement for the cast and film, Cohen expressed his feelings toward the actors and movie also.

“Our other movie is ‘Ender’s Game,’ based on the incredible book that people have been trying to make forever. A lot of directors have tried to do it. We have an amazing script. Gavin Hood is directing, we’ve got Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Hailee Steinfeld from ‘True Grit,’ Asa Butterfield from ‘Hugo.'”

He also gave us some insight into the set.

“There is a NASA stage where they literally used to build the rockets for the space shuttle that is now actually a sound stage,” he said. “They will be spending 65 some odd days about 45 minutes from here on a big giant set. So that’s going well.”

You can watch Bobby Cohen’s interview here.

Sounds stellar, no? What better way to film a space school than to film it on NASA headquarters.