Official Ender’s Game Blog Post #7

This week Ender’s Game Blog gave us a sneak peek of the cast training. They also gave some info upon Dragon Army. Dragon Army has come to be known as a repository of misfits and failures.  As a member of … Continue reading

Bobby Cohen Talks Ender’s Game Movie

Fluxed as we are about the film, MTV News knows what’s gravitating in the world of Ender’s Game. Recently, on the set of “Now You See Me” they caught up with Bobby Cohen. Alike Alex Kurtzman in a recent interview, … Continue reading

Rumor: Crazy Tom Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

Set Insider Reports One set insider reports that crew members on the set of Ender’s Game have referenced a particular young man in connection with the role of “Crazy Tom” repeatedly. Up until now, there has been no mention that … Continue reading

CONFIRMED: Stilson Recast in Ender’s Game film

Brendan Meyer replaced as Stilson by Caleb J. Thaggard due to scheduling conflict From Brendan Meyer’s Facebook page: “Hey guys. Unfortunately, I had to leave the cast of Ender’s Game due to a last minute scheduling conflict. Although I’m disappointed, … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Movie Adds Two More to Cast

Meet Sergeant Dap and Mr. John Paul Wiggin According to Deadline, two more characters have been cast in the Ender’s Game movie!Nonso Azonie will play Sergeant Dap, also known as the launchies’ “mom.” He has been in Conan the Barbarian … Continue reading

Andrea Powell Joins Ender’s Game Movie

Andrea Powell is Theresa Wiggin American actress Andrea Powell announced via her Twitter that she will be playing Therea Wiggin, Ender’s mother, in the upcoming Ender’s Game movie. Read her tweet: She’s been Sasha in Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Karen … Continue reading

Confirmed: Viola Davis is Major Anderson in Ender’s Game Movie

Major Anderson is a Woman! Last week we learned that American actress Viola Davis joined the cast of Ender’s Game as “a military psychologist who oversees the emotional welfare of young trainees. She also helps design the games that test … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Movie Cast Comes Together

Ender’s Game Cast Heads to New Orleans The Ender’s Game movie cast has finally landed in New Orleans. Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are expected to arrive some time next week, Peter actor Jimmy Pinchak leaves for New Orleans on … Continue reading

Viola Davis Joins the Cast of Ender’s Game Movie

Viola Davis Joins Cast Variety is reporting that American actress Viola Davis has signed on to the Ender’s Game movie. “Davis will play a military psychologist who oversees the emotional welfare of young trainees. She also helps design the games … Continue reading

Two Characters Dropped from Ender’s Game Movie

OSC Confirms for Fans Via Facebook Many Ender’s Game fans have been wondering why actors for Mick and Rose the Nose have not been announced yet. One curious fan took it upon himself to ask Orson Scott Card through his … Continue reading